ISO 24HBL T1020

ISO 24HBL T1020



Tiimimme voi tehdä sinulle tarjouksen! Se käy helposti ja nopeasti ja voimme tarjota asiakkaillemme edullisempia hintoja suurille tilausmäärille. Ota meihin yhteyttä jo tänään, jotta voimme keskustella tarpeistasi, ja jotta saat parhaan mahdollisen hinnan.


Conference chairs ISO 24HBL T1020 are the perfect equipment for a conference rooms, banquet halls, offices and places of public utility. They are very popular due to their durability, high quality and attractive price. Models available in three universal colors (black, blue and dark gray) that match many interiors, are made of solid metal powder-coated frames and high-quality upholstery.


strong chrome frame resistant to damage
profile size  29 x 15 mm (wall thickness  1.15 mm)
seat and backrest upholstered with a fabric with a thick weave
the sponge used in the seat is resistant to subsidence and deformation
2-year warranty

Technical parameters

  • Depth: 43 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Overall width: 53 cm
  • Stacking (max): 12 pcs
  • Overall height: 86 cm
  • Height with seat: 50 cm

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